Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to leather jackets and boots

wearing collection B jacket, Bebe button blouse, basic black leggings and gray socks, Rue 21 fringe boots.
What a day, windy and cold is what weve had here in California and its May!
Last thursday I turned 17 and honestly, I dont want to be 17 yet. I feel like a year of being 16 went way too fast. Time really does fly by. I have 8 more days of school left before summer vacation. Super stoked about that, especially the fact that my parents are taking my sister and I on a vacation on the week of the last day of school regarding for our late birthday celebration. YAY!


Sheryl said...

cute outfit huney!! Yup.waiting for warm weather here in LA.



Tori said...

Loving the jacket!

asia said...

happy 17 ! ;)

you look great!
cute jacket :)

Aina said...

Im in love with that leather jacket!
Also, I am designing bloggers titles right now! So if you want your's designed too, come check out the details on my blog!


I V Y said...

your hair's so great. loving this leather!


vintage process said...

I love your look! So pretty!