Friday, December 30, 2011


Its crazy how tomorrow will be the last day of 2011. 2012 is just a day away and before the year ends, I want to share these photos of what I wore the last 2 days. Since winter break came, Ive been wearing the same jeans everytime I go out. Its almost like a uniform I always have to wear. I woke up this morning and literally didnt know what to wear. My room right now literally has clothes thrown everywhere. Usually from the time I stand up and look at my closet, I know exactly what to wear. But I dont know about today, I was just clueless. I probably tried on 5 different outfits that I ended up wearing a black tank top with a brown suede blazer and the same jeans I have been wering for the whole week with the shoes I always run to when I just dont know what else to wear. Im thankful for the basics that I can always count on when Im just clueless. Also, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with all your love ones and a early Happy New Year to all!:)
 Wearing thrifted blazer, bag and shoes, F21 tank top and belts, Mossimo jeans.
Wearing F21 blouse, Mossimo jeans, Chanel bag, and boots from Cotton On.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Malibu Cruisin

Wearing basic black tank top, thrifted sweater and shoes, Paris Blues jeans, DKNY belt, and Chanel bag.
My family and I went to the Getty Museum in Malibu after a doctors appointment since we had nothing to do after. It was unplanned but sometimes unplanned things tends to be more fun, more of adventerous. It was my first time going to the Getty Museum in Malibu and its beautiful. Walking with the beautiful surrounding was fun. Its very romantic, that works since the buildings are Roman. If you live in California or going to visit California, deffinitely put the Getty Museum in your list. Its for free and all you have to do is reserve your tickets through phone or online and pay for a $15 parking ticket, then your set for a beautiful experience.:)
After the museum, my family and I decided to stop over Malibu beach which is literally next to the museum. It was a beautiful day despite the cold weather, but once again its very romantic.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Break

Wearing Express white blouse, Thrifted shoes and bag, Domaine jeans, and Monari blazer.
Finally! Its winter break. I wore this outfit on the last day of school before winter break on friday. I am inlove with this Monari blazer that my mom has given my sister that my sister let me borrow. Its from London when my moms sister came to California 4 years ago for a visit. Back then I remember I couldnt wear this blazer because it was so big on me, but after waiting it out on a couple years it fits me perfectly. Too bad its not mine but atleast I get to borrow it from my sister once in a while:)  I wore this blazer to school two days in a row since I just couldnt let it go. Im in love! Hope your all well and excited for Christmas thats just around the corner.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yellow Mellow

Wearing thrifted yellow knit sweater and shorts, F21 tights, Target top, & H&M boots.
So, this is what I wore to our holiday party for Fashion Club. My sweater was filled with compliments. Its a great find I got at a thirft store in Hollywood. Its amazing and perfect for the cold weather. The party went as planned and everyone enjoyed it, hard work pays off. Wheww! Also the guys that you see in the background are some of the marching band practicing. This is the first time ever that I posted an outfit picture taken at my highschool. So enjoy!:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tough Flannel

Wearing Claiborne flannel button up, Bullhead jeans, H&M booties, Claires Earrings, and F21 bag.
I wore this to school today. My brother gave me this flannel since it was small on him. Its incredibly soft and comfortable. My friend told me I looked tough with my wardrobe. Haha, all I said was "Thats the look Im going for."
Its finals week and my days has been hectic. Ive been planning out a holiday party for my schools fashion club and putting everything together is quite stressful. The party is tomorrow and hopefully everything turns out well:).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 Wearing J Crew cardigan, thrifted Giorgio Armani blouse and belt, F21 jeans, Toms shoes, and
Mango bag.
This is the first time I ever went on our rooftop at my house. I came home after school and couldnt find a place to take a picture of my outfit since no one was able to take photos of me. I was having a hard time looking for a great lighthing that while I was in our backyard, I decided why not take it on the rooftop and it was a success! I really liked the lighting and wallah!
I dont know if you can tell but on my jeans, I have like a dust mark and it must have come from when I was trying to get up on the roof. I just noticed as I was editing these photos. Today was also the first day I went to school since I have been sick for the last two days. I was throwing up and my stomach has been just horrible but Im all good now! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Free to fall.

 Wearing H&M boots, MNG bag, F21 leggings, and Citizen watch.
I wore this outfit sometime during the week to school. I can finally say that it is extremely cold in California where I live. I am loving the winter weather. Many disagree with me but, I love the cold weather. :) What weather would you guys prefer?