Saturday, March 12, 2011

Straw hats

Wearing a hand me down shirt from mom, H&M jeans, Thrifted shoes and belt, Guess watch, faux leather vest from Target, and straw hat from the Philippines.
These earrings where from a garage sale that this old lady sold me for $.50. At first I wasn't really sure if I likes them but when she came over and talked to me, she was so sweet and nice that I couldn't resist and bought it. Now, I'm liking them more than ever.
I don't normally buy second hand jewelries because sometimes you never know where they came from and who wore them. So when I actually do buy second hand jewelry, what I do to clean it is rub it with alcohol.
Spring is near and Im in mixed emotions. Im not really a big warm weather person since I hate the heat, but I'll get over it somehow. Since the weather change is here, I was really excited to wear the straw hat. Im really into the big floppy hats and their something I will be wearing alot this spring/summer. Tomorrow, Im going to visit this place called San Juan Capistrano church. I went there a year ago and it was beautiful. I will be posting pictures as soon as I can. Have a great weekend! :)


Z--- said...

loove your vest and shoes!xxx

Anonymous said...

you look adorable,
the hat is just amazing!
lovely blog <3

Iulia Romana said...

I am such a hat person and yours is just amazing! Love the whole outfit actually, but the hat and the watch are my favourites items :D

modern.girl said...

hey i think i have the same vest!! you are adorable as always.


cryskay said...

cute outfit! love the vest. xx

Nettie said...

So pretty! <3

Fernanda said...

You are always cute!!

magic said...

nice hat, you're so cute

welcometodeutschland said...

such a cute outfit! that color looks great on you. you have a great blog :)


Anonymous said...

I totally love your outfit@


Anonymous said...

so pretty! & i love your hat :)
maybe we can follow each other?