Friday, March 4, 2011

Purple and Fringe

I love how the sun got on my face.
Wore this to school today. "Your all Indian today." That is what my friend told me about my outfit. Haha, then as always, every time I wear these boots, I always get the Indian word from them. They call it Indian boots. I suppose its a compliment since they say its cute. I was asked what size shoe I wear because my friends wanted to borrow them. Too bad Im an 8 and their a 7 or smaller.
Wearing Anne Klein cardigan, Rue 21 boots, Black basic tights, Hanes tank top, feather necklace from garage sale. DIY Tommy Hilfiger shorts.


SimuĊĦa said...

nice sweatshirt :)

Yaela said...

Lovely outfit, your shoes are just amazing !

BbyAngel said...

Your boots are so cute!
Nice blog, I'm following you xoxo

Sheryl said...

THanks Maria for the sweet comment!!

I like your cutoff shorts..i am looking for something like that at vintage stores..

Cute blog..following you now..follow me if you like..


Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

adorable shoes, and love the purple sweater! thanks for commenting on my blog :)

<3 steffy

katou said...

Love the purple cardigan and nice shorts :))

Caroline Lie said...

Beautiful color on the cardigan!

Thekla said...

loving your shorts:)