Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knit and my Doc MartensMy mom gave me the knit sweater that Im completely in love with. I always wanted one that was big and loose, so when she gave me this I was more than happy. My Doc Martens? Im inlove!!!! My mom told me that my dad gave them to me a few years ago but she said that I had a disgust look on my face when I saw them. I didnt appreciate them years ago, but when I found these lately I went nuts and took them right away. So yes, I have to say I love my Doc Martens and Im thankful that they still fit me!

Wearing hand me down knit sweater, Basic leggings and socks, Doc Martens.


Moniek said...

Love the sweater so much, it looks great on you!

Shannon said...

The sweater looks great and super comfy too!