Friday, December 30, 2011


Its crazy how tomorrow will be the last day of 2011. 2012 is just a day away and before the year ends, I want to share these photos of what I wore the last 2 days. Since winter break came, Ive been wearing the same jeans everytime I go out. Its almost like a uniform I always have to wear. I woke up this morning and literally didnt know what to wear. My room right now literally has clothes thrown everywhere. Usually from the time I stand up and look at my closet, I know exactly what to wear. But I dont know about today, I was just clueless. I probably tried on 5 different outfits that I ended up wearing a black tank top with a brown suede blazer and the same jeans I have been wering for the whole week with the shoes I always run to when I just dont know what else to wear. Im thankful for the basics that I can always count on when Im just clueless. Also, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with all your love ones and a early Happy New Year to all!:)
 Wearing thrifted blazer, bag and shoes, F21 tank top and belts, Mossimo jeans.
Wearing F21 blouse, Mossimo jeans, Chanel bag, and boots from Cotton On.