Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow in California

Hello, hello! As you can see I had fun taking these pictures outside my house today while it was snowing. Where I live luckily it has been snowing every year since about 3 years ago. Though I didnt think snow would still come in January since the past years it has always been in early December. So today when it started snowing, I got very excited and took these photos after running some errands. And till now, its still pouring snow outside. I cant wait to wake up tomorrow and see snow everywhere. Snow in California is very rare so everyone gets excited and wastes no time playing in the snow.
Also, I just wanna say a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, I know its late but better late than never right?

Wearing Heritage 1981 coat, Spencer Jeremy blouse(my mom gave it to me, use to be hers years ago), City street jeans, basic gray knee socks, and H&M boots.


Blondes on a budget said...

I love that jacket!

Caroline P. said...

How gorgeous! Please follow my bblog //

Kristina said...

great outfit !!


Mallory said...

Wow, it looks like it is snowing really hard!
I didn't know it snowed in California... :p

kiakiakiakia said...

Wow, i wish it'll snow here in my place. WISH WISH XD

The Serial Dresser said...

beautiful pictures!
happy new year & thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

Katherine said...

i love your dark clothes against the white snow! it looks cool

Beckerman Girls said...

Look at all that snow...OMG!!! Stay warm cutie pie! Hope your NYE was AMAZZZZING!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Ingrid Roxas said...

jealous of the snow! i wish it snowed here in manila too. lovely blog. followed you!

happy new year bella! :)


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VicissitudiniLombarde said...

You are so lovely :D I'm following you!