Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mom's jeans

Wearing thrifted blouse, handmedown jeans, & Mossimo jeans, ring c/o clothingloves.
I am obsessed with these jeans that I found a year or two ago at the garage within all the boxes of my moms old clothing. I was getting ready this morning and suddenly remembered these jeans and right away looked for them. I was relieved to find them in my sisters closet and crossed my fingers that it would fit me. With high hopes I put these jeans on and they fit me just as I hope they would. I wore them to school and I felt like a badass walking around. I know mom jeans are not so hot right now but I really love them. I'm definitely gonna get a lot of wear with these jeans.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing!! Love your hair!


Emily Anderst said...

You are rocking this outfit! I love finding random old stuff that you can tweak into a modern look!

Following your blog now, I'd love it if you'd check mine out and possibly follow back :)

Mira said...

The jeans look gorgeous. So pretty <3



Francois said...

Thanks a lot! I love how you managed to wear those jeans in a modern way!

Sandra said...

I feel 80s or 90s when I see this look :D
Great work!

Merilda Kristalya said...

love the shot! especially your long healthy hair, jealousy is on fire! wkwkwkwk

AasiyahA said...

i love this look so much!!! very 90's chic. your loafers are also too fresh!! classic look.
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