Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day Of Internship

Today was my first day of internship and it was both exhausting and fun. I learned many new things, enjoyed steaming dresses and organizing racks of clothing. As the enjoyment goes, it does get tiring but I'll get use to it(: So, for my first day I wanted to dress simple and professional. I was really comfortable working around and the owner seemed pleased with my outfit since she complimented on my outfit. She told me presentation is key. I do have to say that after a while my feet started killing me near the end of my day, I was glad I brought my flats for the just "in case situations". And in the last 2 hours, I wore my flats. In any case your wearing heels always bring flats or slippers in your purse because you never know! Trust me, you'll be glad you did once your feet starts acting up!

Wearing Coco Love peplum dress, Mossimo heels, and Citizen watch.
I took these photos once I got home, the lighting is bad but better than nothing, right?



Mariah said...

I am sure you made a great impression with that dress!


Anonymous said...

so cute!

Every Day Rachel said...

I love that dress!!


Lois said...

Cute dress! Good luck with your internship :)


Ginebra said...

cutie girl with a cutie dress
a Spanish kiss ;)

Veena said...

Gorgeous dress, you probably made a perfect first impression with a stunning outfit like that! Loving those colors on you. Have fun with the rest of the internship! There's a new post up on my blog and I'd love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!

♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Lisa said...

i adore the peplum style! you look pretty!


Blaise said...

You look beautiful! Im going for an interview for an internship on Monday so I shall soon be in for similar! What were you interning for?



blackberryfashion said...

You look great! Good luck with the internship :) I'm following you now :)


Amy TheRouge said...

Wow, your outfit is so cute :) I follow you, if you want take a look at my blog www.97modamakeup.blogspot.com

kamika said...

u look so lovely, and u are beautiful :) I am following u now, hop you follow me back!


Denis Arman said...

Nice dress dear!
Do you wanna follow each other?
Kisses, Den.


Ancia said...

You looked great!

Stephanie Lin said...

I love that dress. It looks so delicate!

Hanna & Christel said...

you look amazing! we so much love your dress!


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Nat said...

So nice you started an internship! You're going to learn lots! I studied fashion and I have a blog a little career oriented about my experience if you want to check it out, I even have a special "fashion education" section ;)

Ioana-Carmen said...

such a beautiful dress!

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Maria V said...

Great summer-y look! You're beautiful!


Metajojuana Nyt said...

Cool Blog!Would you like to follow each other?

Love Nyt,
BIG hair LOUD mouth

Nora Aradi said...

Nice outfit!


Ava Tallulah said...

Where's your internship?! That rocks!
I love the colors in this dress, stunning!

Ava Tallulah

StreetChic by Eriel said...

adorable post! very cute pics!! i love it!