Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lake Tahoe

wearing old navy floral top, thrifted rampage shorts, thrifted bag.

I spent my fourth of July weekend with my family and family friends over at Sacramento. We spent a day at the beautiful Lake Tahoe on a perfect summer weather. Ive been doing nothing but swimming and just enjoying all the times I can in the water all this summer. Ive gotten alot not tanner, but darker. Haha, this summer has been amazing and tomorrow Im on my way to Las Vegas with my cousin and her parents to spend the weekedn there. So stoked! Hope your all well and enjoying the heat!:D


catflicks said...

wow that looks like an amazing place! glad you had a lovely time. and hope you have even more fun times in las vegas! look forward to seeing your post about it :)

SimuĊĦa said...

lovely shorts :) amazing place!