Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Running on the world with you.

wearing MYNE top, Hollister Skirt, Thrifted shoes
I dont know if you guys noticed but, I changed my blog layout. I thought why not do a little change? How do you like it? I really dont know what to do with the blog title on the top. Any ideas?
This photo was taken last friday where I attended my cousins graduation. I look totally messed up since this was taken after taking a whole bunch of pictures with family and following my cousin around taking shots and shots of her. But it was fun. (:


Carlinn said...

cute skirt!

Reptilia said...

Hey! thanks for your comment! Great blog!

Domonique said...

Love the skirt lady!Thanks so much for stopping by the blog : ) xx

jamie-lee said...

i think the layout looks good - love the combo by the way, very unexpected! x