Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I cant believe its already 2010! Its like where did time go? My New Years Eve was celebrated with family members. Waiting for the countdown with Dick Clark on tv. While I wish I was there in New York celebrating. Maybe someday. In a couple of hours my family and I are driving to Sacramento for a 6 hour drive. Aughh! So Im off now to get some sleep. Once again Happy New Years everyone!



Anonymous said...

Happy new year ! I hope you have a great year :)!

6roove said...

hello, I celebrated New Year's Eve with my family, too :))
great blouse!

Happy New Year!

kisses from Watching the waves :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New year! that dress is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love your dress!
Happy new year!

Blonde Chicette said...

I loove your sparkly dress.
happy new year!