Friday, November 13, 2009

Pink X2!

Pink with no doubt is my favorite color. And lately, I've been wearing alot of it. Whats your favorite color?Did you notice that Christmas is in 42 days? Wow! Though I dont feel the Christmas spirit yet. Today was the first day I heard a Christmas song on the radio.And I just realized that today is friday the 13th. And has anyone seen the movie 2012?I have to say that I dont believe that the world will end in 2012 just because.

top picture:
Top:Kitson Watch:Guess

bottom picture:
Tank top: F21 Sweater:HCO Tights:Victoria's Secret Shoes:Keds


Shannon said...

Hi Cutie Pie.

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I dig your style.

Are you filipino-ish or something? If you are, we're asian sistas. If you're not, don't let that make you feel weird. I just like my asian friends. XO, girl.

Emma Skye said...

Cute blog! Love all the pinks in your photos. You are so pretty! Take care x

Rosa said...

I love the pink graphic tee on the first pics... its awesome!!