Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh so Windy.

Today was really cold, and I would have to say my outfit today was not appropriate for the cold and windy. Though I really like this outfit, even though its so simple. As you can see the clouds in the back are really dark and it looks like its going to rain, it did but not as much. These were taken around six in the afternoon today so its pretty dark. OH! And your not going to believe how much my flats Im wearing cost me. $4! Yes! Gotta love Target.

top to bottom- F21


Style Bird said...

I love this look!

Fashion She Says said...

Hey Chloe! Cute cardi & you wear skinny jeans really well.

Phyllis said...

cute look! i love the color of your top

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty in that peachy/pink color! and i LOVE your bag! ~joelle

E. said...

Bag is really cute ;)


Shirley Wijaya said...

you look so pretty :) love your black and white cardigan :)