Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lights and the bay

As said I will be uploading pictures from my trip to San Francisco. Its not the best picture but at least theres something right? And I apologize that the pictures were taken at night. My trip was great and I got a couple of stuff I'll be showing you guys soon.

I planned to only wear shorts but because of the weather I decided to wear tights. The weather was lovely. Its nice to get away from the heat and now Im more desperate for winter to come. I pretty much just threw in everything and ended up with this. And Im actually happy with it. Everything about San Francisco is amazing, the people, and the city itself. Its one of my favorite places and its another place I would consider in living in the future.


Alexandra said...

I love your scarf and tights! Great outfit.

Runaway Gallery said...

fun scarf!

Eneli, said...

really nice scarf ! :)


JadoreVogue ♥ said...

Beautiful outfit! Love the scarf!